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What is The Carpenter Song Lyrics?

The Carpenter song lyrics are a set of words that make up a song named The Carpenter, usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of this song lyrics is a lyricist or lyrist Homeboy Sandman.

Saying to the rescue, hip it hapchu (?) then bless you,

Ill be in the lap dog, my respecto I shoud get a tattoo

Where testo, monkey theres a bone

Thats my nephew funkin in the bathroom

Thats the rest room labeled in the back room

With the guest Ill be in the afternoon

Making chest holes filming gay

Beers like Moses kicking with the A position and the

like ears passing over each and every phone way(?)

is not the vultures

I dont wanna hear how work catches me in a whole

hole homework earlier and the fear

Open your eyes on me

Shot gun in front got my fortune cookies in the bedroom

Boy say rapping

Aint nobody next up

Aint nobody next to

Just because Im pro boy

People say the home boy, and they be like oh snap

And they be like oh boy

Just because Im pro boy

Nows to be like I am Ima be like yo soi

Now making big noise with big boys

These summer rhymes open your eyes they keep up on me

There summer rhymes dont blame your eyes they keep up on me

Im never gonna slow, Im never gonna stop

Im never gonna seize, Im never gonna cheat

Im never gonna achieve in, never gonna eat

Im never gonna sleep, never gonna sell out

Never gonna lease more, never in the streets

Im never gonna leave, that they believe

Theyll never take a leave, youll never be relieved

Cast labor on the mic, cast gather on the right

Id rather make a left, I fly into the light

tryin to be polite, Im fighting for my life

Im fighting to the death, Im down to pay the price

Aint no dice,

take it to the depths, no money, money sights

Im running out of town, Im, running out of breath

Next thing you know

Hey carpenter.

Thanks to Andrei

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