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What is Whats Going On Song Lyrics?

Whats Going On song lyrics are a set of words that make up a song named Whats Going On, usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of this song lyrics is a lyricist or lyrist 'N Sync.

P Diddy:What's going onJermaine Dupri:Tell meP Diddy:People dyingPeople cryingLord help usBono:Mother, motherThere's too many of you cryingGwen Stefani:Oh, brother, brother, brotherThere's far too many of you dyingJermaine Dupri:That's RightAaron Lewis:You know we've got to find a wayTo bring some lovin' here todayNona Gaye:Oh my father, fatherWe don't need to escalateBackstreet Boys:You see war is not the answerNona Gaye/Backstreet Boys:For only love can conquer hateChristina Aguilera:You know we've got to find a wayTo bring some lovin' here todayBritney Spears:Barricades, can't block our wayJ-Lo:Don't punish me with brutalityBeyonce' of Destiny's Child:Talk to meBritney Spears:So you can seeDestiny's Child/Britney Spears:(First Chorus)Oh what's going onWhat's going onYeah what's going onAhh what's going onJa Rule:What's going on in a world filled with painWhere's the love for which we prayWhat's going onWhen our children can't playHomeless can't eatThere's got to be a better wayWhat's going onWhen we politically blindCan't see the signs of endangered timesWhat's going onNelly Furtado:Ah tell meWhat's going on in the world todayI'd rather be deadThan turn my head awayWe gotta first world vision to complete, to lift ourHands in the air and cry for a switchMichael Stipe:Father, fatherP Diddy:Father help us, come onMichael Stipe:Everybody thinks we're wrongAlicia Keys:Oh, but who are they to judge us(who are they to judge us)Together we can all be strongP Diddy:United we stand, United we fallJC of N'Sync:Oh you know we've got to find a wayMary J. Blige:To bring some understanding here todayJustin of N'Sync:Barricades can't block our wayDarren Hayes (Savage Garden):Don't punish me with brutalityJustin of N'sync:Baby talk to meSo you can seeJustin of N'sync:(Second chorus)Yeah, what's going onHey, what's going onSomebody tell me what's going onI'll tell you what's goin' on-uhNelly:What's going on 'cross seasEvery minute a child dies by this diseaseIn record numbers indeedGot momma's crying out pleaseMy baby hold onMy child ain't done nothing wrongStill I want to hollerAsk them why they don't botherOh no, oh noMake me turn to my fatherAnd ask him why they all got a trapped soul, trapped soulNas:I can feel what was bothering MarvinWhy his words forever remainDealing with these modern day problems'Cause of ignorance surrounding me and my constituentsToo many infectedToo many lives diminishingNobody say Protestants, Jews, Blacks, and Whites, Latinos and AsiansPray togetherLess fightWe better uniteAs genocide chemical warAnd the rich and the poorKnow that God delivers a cureEve:It's a shame our reality is devastatingPeople praying for a cureDying while they're waitingAsk the Lord for the comfort and strength to face itAll the kids with dreamsWon't get the chance to chase itMakes me sadThink about the lives they would've hadThink about the orphan babies got no moms and dadsHow can we sit back and not try to make it rightWe gotta come togetherWe gotta fight for lifeFred Durst:Somebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)We got human beings using humans for a bombBut everyone wanna liveDon't nobody really want to dieYou feeling me rightI can't be watching people die(die)And watching people cryLet me break it down for a minuteIf there's enough room here for you and meThere's plenty of room for some humanitySomebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)Somebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)Somebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)Somebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)Somebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)Somebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)Somebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)Somebody tell me what's going on(what's going on)

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