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His glasses' thick frames provide elegant ways to be seen.

Stole style from the backs of trendy London magazines.

He claims he reads books but a title's enough to sing proud.

With charms up his nose, street bought eloquence knows no bounds.

He's a man about the town... with Carnabetian Charm.

A dandyish liar's gut wrenching desire to please

Will piss all his earnings on decadent yearnings for ease (and whizz)

He's a man about the town... with Carnabetian Charm.

Fade away youth for bright glamour's uncouth when you're old

Find truth in damned beauty as cheap weekend duty grows cold

Both wistful and wired our friendship expired quickly

Your body's too vile to warrant a smile from me

He's a man about the town... with Carnabetian Charm.

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